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Classroom Qualities for English Language Learners (CQELL)

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CQELL (Classroom Qualities for English Language Learners) is an observational instrument developed to conduct research with elementary-school English language learners (ELLs) during English language arts instruction. CQELL is primarily for research applications. It does not necessarily identify a set of "proven" or effective practices (although some CQELL elements have quite a bit of research supporting them; see CQELL Research Database, forthcoming), nor does it constitute a lesson design or teacher evaluation model. Rather the items on the CQELL draw from a growing literature attempting to define classroom practices potentially helpful for promoting ELLs' achievement. Our hope is the CQELL will help clarify and illustrate what these practices look like so that their effects on ELLs' learning can be more carefully evaluated. The classroom videos available on this site can be used to practice coding and to discuss CQELL items, but they do not necessarily represent model or ideal lessons.


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