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Concluding Comments

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In “Analyzing Student Work: Kindergarten” you have seen kindergarten teachers at a school serving a largely Hispanic, English-learner student population working together to improve early literacy attainment for their young readers and writers. Section 1 depicted their grade level meeting where they went over grade-level and school-wide goals for student learning, reviewed indicators of progress, and discussed concretely how to promote higher levels of achievement. In Section 2, teachers provided their reflections on how they got to this point, where they routinely conduct substantive grade level meetings focused on teaching and learning in their classrooms. Section 3 took you into two of the classrooms, where you saw and heard how the grade level meetings influence what children experience in their daily lessons and learning opportunities. Section 4 provided a glimpse into the Academic Achievement Leadership Team (AALT), the school-wide leadership group that is essential for creating a schoolwide context that promotes continuous examination of teaching and learning in all classrooms. Finally, Section 5 illustrates the key role played by an outside consultant. The consultant helps provide focus and continuity. He also helps the school staff deal with the challenges of assembling and interpreting data and helping all teachers at the school use these data to inform their practice.
Other videos in this series will show other aspects of the Getting Results (GR) model.