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1.1: School Wide Goals

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We first see the kindergarten team at one of their weekly grade level meeting. These teachers have been meeting like this for the past 2 or 3 years. The basic idea is to discuss goals for student learning, analyze data and student work that provides indicators of student progress, and discuss instructional and curricular strategies to help promote academic development. In this first segment, the grade level co-chair goes over school-wide goals that have been formulated by the school's Academic Achievement Leadership Team (AALT; see Section 4). Vision, goals, strategies are all tied to helping students read and write 'at grade level.'


You remember that um, last week we went over these,
and I want to review them again because this is the really
important process that we've been doing with the um,
implementation of our vision.  Then we assess, then we set
our goals, and we then make our strategies, which we're
going to work on mostly today.  But remember that our vision
is to improve the writing level of our students up to grade
level, and above, and that's what we've decided as a whole
school.  Then we're doing our assessments so that we can see
where our students really are.  Then we're setting our
goals.  First we'll go over our overheads of our children's
work and see where we want to plug in mostly the four-block
building blocks that Mia has been showing us about spelling
and uh high frequency words and how we can um make even
bigger, bigger improvements.