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4.11: Purpose

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The purpose for this June meeting of the Academic Achievement Leadership Team (AALT) is to prepare for next week's faculty meeting. AALT representatives at that meeting will present the year's grade-level accomplishments to the entire staff. In anticipation of next week's meeting, grade level representatives at the AALT meeting shown here prepare brief (2-minute) reports they will give to the staff, using forms developed by GR consultant Bill Saunders (seen in the background in this segment and featured in Section 5). As the academic leadership group for the school, the AALT tries to keep a focus on school-wide academic goals. Showcasing the work of all the grade levels at the faculty meeting is one way to do this. (NOTE: Bill Saunders, a researcher and the school's Getting Results consultant, meets with principal each month and attends each monthly AALT meeting. At this point in the meeting, he is preparing graphs of the each grade level’s beginning, middle, and end of the year assessment results. He will report and discuss these graphs later in the meeting, starting at Segment 16).


	--edit it, so what we want to do is then do a
	second go around because at the staff meeting on Monday our
	little celebration meeting, we want to take about two
	minutes thru grade level because if I'm in 5th grade I
	really don't have a clue or know what kindergarten's worked
	on this year and I would like to know or visa versa.  I want
	to know what they are doing on 4th, 5th and 6th grade, so in
	addition to sharing these results and tallies and graphs
	with them, we want to take about two minutes per grade level
	to share, so then once we shared out will do some edit, do
	some comments, to help you guys, then will do a second share
	and see if we can get it done in about two minutes.