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5.23: Importance of Follow Up

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In the video's final segment, Bill asks the writing coach (Mia) to make sure each AALT rep has a master copy of the anchor papers for each grade. There are two things that are significant about this very brief interaction. First, it indicates Bill's awareness that if there if there is no followup, even the greatest ideas have little value. In this case, everyone agreed that having anchor papers across the grades to illustrate the four rubric score points would be extremely helpful. But someone has to make sure the grade level representatives actually get them. Second, the fact that Bill was able to make such a request, seemingly so naturally and seamlessly (notice how Mia immediately writes herself a note and says, OK), indicates how fully integrated he is in the school.


	OK, so I just wanted to before we got off of that I
	just wanted to share that that's the resource that's
	available.  And Mia if you wouldn't mind maybe what we'll do
	is make sure the grade level rep has a master copy of the
	anchor papers for every grade.